JUFIT Vibration Platform Full Body Shape Exercise Machine


Making it to the competitive line of vibration plates is JUFIT Vibration Plate Trainer. Another

smart choice when buying a vibration power plate trainer.This brand is another newly recognized vibration plate machine because of its functions  If you are after quality and number of workout duties it can perform for you, this plate is for you. This type of fitness machine can help sports-like effect just like in the manner of doing conventional exercise.

Now that JUFIT Vibration Plate Trainer have purposely introduced itself as an ambitious player in the market. Here is walk through of the JUFIT Vibration Plate Trainer. Let’s see more of its features.

Wider Range Oscillation

JUFIT Vibration Plate Trainer oscillates in wider angles making it easier to reach out and stimulate more muscle. It extends to larger body muscle which is exceeds a normal vibration plate platform. Since our goal for using vibration plates is really to burn, this features 10 levels of Oscillation for better chance of calorie burn.

Provides  High Intensity Exercise

Now you might think if this small machine can’t perform this task for you. Yes,it can! This platform vibrating plate is designed to cater the body and mimic the conventional exercise-like experience to our muscles. Users of JUFIT Vibration Plate Trainer confesses that after 3 weeks of using it, they can already feel the weight loss. So this is great for fat burning and muscle building.

JUFIT Vibration Plate Trainer has more levels of oscillation that a normal vibration plate thus, it provides 25% greater workout for your body areas. This is very ideal for people who don’t really have time to work out because of the very busy schedule yet wants to maintain a lean and strong muscle.

Multi Usage

A normal vibration plate only focuses on vibration speed for exercise. The JUFIT Vibration Plate Trainer provides multi usage for a better exercise experience. You can  choose from doing a lightweight or in a little bit hard core exercise activity.  For lightweight, you can either use it for yoga or walking to improve body’s elasticity and preserve a molded body shape. For a more intense workout, it is perfect to use for running or jogging to fasten up body’s fat burning and improve blood circulation.


  • Flexible ropes for yoga (2 pieces for the left and right side)
  • Power Cord
  • Manual Instruction Guide
  • Remote Control


  • Portable and easy to carry
  • More function that a normal vibration plate in terms of levels of oscillation
  • Multi Usage
  • No need to assemble
  • User weight of 150Kg at the maximum
  • Excellent control levels of Osciliation


  • Does not show how much calories burned
  • The user manual does not have easy to follow sample exercise

Customer Opinion

The key to be totally committed on buying a product be it online or at your local store is to know whether or not people that had experienced using it find it useful or awful.

Based from those who have used this product, many of them are using it on a daily basis. For people who are aging, they have stated on their online reviews that it actually helped with arthritis and stiff joints which a good point to look at because not only the young ones can attest about how this product is working for them but also the elders.


Although it may look like the normal vibration plate that we see out in the market as per appearance. The JUFIT Vibration Plate Trainer has proven that it stands out among the normal ones. Not only because it has many function than them but also the testimonies that this really relieves their body pain thus showing that this is really a healthy product to use. If you are in the practical side, you need a vibration plate, you want to stay healthy but you have a busy schedule, you might consider getting yourself a JUFIT Vibration Plate Trainer.



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